Portable Chargemaster Classic Type 1 Charger (8amp)


The EV Power range by Chargemaster is TUV tested. TUV are renown for being the world’s most stringent electrical testing company. 

The portable charging unit is tough, reliable, and a masterpiece when it comes to electrical engineering. The portable charging solution is suitable for the both the New Zealand and Australian market. The integrity of the product is engineered with a cable that is made to IP66 standard. Updated with higher IP rating and auto reset for common supply-side faults. 

This 8 amp portable IC-CPD device is suitable for all vehicles with Type 1 sockets; Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander, PHEV, Toyota Prius PHV, BMW and other cars with Type 1 socket engineering. 

Portable charging products come a free charging case, and 2-year warranty. 

Product Specifications

Working Current 8A
Working Voltage  240 AC
Certificates TUV
Cable Length  8.4m 
Charging Plug Type 1 
Rated Power 2.2kW