EVBOX Smart Wall Dock


EVBOX Smart Wall Dock

Compatible with every electric vehicle. Fast, smart , simplistic and future proof. 

EVBox Elvi has just three parts: the wall dock, the station and the cable. Once the charging station's wall dock is installed by an electrician, you just need to click the station and the cable, and your home charger is ready to charge!

This product is designed and tested in accordance with international standards. This is only the smart wall dock mount which is a substructure compatible with the EVBOX Elvi Charging box manufactured by EVBOX. 

Electrical Properties

Charging capacity 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW
Charging mode Mode 3 (EN/IEC 61851)
Fixed cable type Type 1 , Type 2
Number of fixed cables 1
Fixed cable length 4 or 8 m
Connection capacity  1-phase, 3-phase, 230V - 400V
Outpower power (via cable) 1-phase, 3-phase, 16A and 32A
Secondary power circuit 12V DC
Contactors  2 x 40A, 2P, 12V coil current
Required service panel breaker Minimum dedicated 1 or 3 phase 32A