EVBox Elvi Wall Station


The EVBOX Elvi, the electric car station is designed for every electric car now and into the future. High performance, low maintenance, and future-proof. Elvi charges up to eight times faster than a regular outlet, it is the only charging station you'll ever need. 

The product is CE-certified, and by far the safest charging method your car and home. Elvi is integrated with the powerful charging management app 'Hey EVBOX'. This app allows you to easily track, schedule, and control all your charging sessions right from the palm of your hand. 

Elvi has a warranty of three years by default. 

*Cable type sold separately 

Electrical Properties

 Charging capacity 22kW
Connector type Type 2, fixed cable
Output power 1-phase, 3-phase, 230-400V, 16A and 32A
Weight  3-11kg depending on station type
Colour  Black
Configurations Standard Wi-Fi connection, optional UMTS connection add-on, RFID authentication
Certification CE standards compliant


Category: Charger