4m Mobile Type 2-Type 2 AC charging cable, spiralled red, 5kW


If you're looking for a high quality charging cable for your Mitsubishi Outlander or Nissan Leaf, this 5kW rated cable is perfect. At 4m long and spiralled, it can easily fit in the boot or be hung on the wall of your garage without taking up a lot of room.

Technical Information

Number of phases 1
Charging power 5 kW
Number of phases 1
Rated current for power contacts 20 A
Rated voltage for power contacts 250 V AC
Rated current for signal contacts 2 A
Rated voltage for signal contacts 30 V AC
Type of signal transmission Pulse width modulation
Number of power contacts 3 (L1, N, PE)
Number of signal contacts 2 (CP, PP)
Connection method Crimp connection, cannot be separated
Contact surface material Ag
Resistor coding 680 Ω (between PE and PP)
Insertion force < 100 N
Withdrawal force < 100 N
Insertion/withdrawal cycles > 10000
Ambient temperature (operation) -30 °C ... 50 °C (Operation)
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 80 °C (Storage)
Altitude difference for area of application 5000 m (above sea level)
Degree of protection IP44 (plugged in)
IP44 (Protective cap)
Label 14.1 mm x 44.8 mm (customer logo possible)

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