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Mobile AC charging cable Type 1 - Type 2 (4m)


Mobile AC charging cable Type 1 - Type 2 (4m)


Product Description

Mobile AC charging cable with Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug for charging electric vehicles (EV) with alternating current (AC), via type 1 Vehicle Inlets, compatible with type 2 Infrastructure Socket Outlets at charging stations for E-Mobility (EVSE)

Your Advantages

  • Consistent design of all Phoenix Contact Vehicle Connectors and Infrastructure Plugs Silver-plated surface of the power and signal contacts
  • Certified in accordance with IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015
  • Convenient handling, thanks to the ergonomic handle and additional, rubber grip components
  • Tested in accordance with selected tests of automotive standards LV124, LV214, LV215-2
  • Reliable function of the locking lever with additional seal
  • Optional locking option with a U-lock
  • Consistent longitudinal water tightness prevents water ingress in the cable

Technical Data

Charging standard Type 1, Type 2 
Charging mode Mode 3
Maximum charging power 8 kW
Number of phases 1
Rated current for power contacts 32A 
Rated voltage for signal contacts 30 V AC
Type of signal transmission Pulse width modulation
Note of connection method Crimp connection, cannot be disconnected
Resistor Coding

480 Ω (Lever actuated)

Insertion/withdrawal cycles

 > 10000

Withdrawal force 

 < 75 N

Insertion force

 < 75 N



 Cable structure

3 x 6.0 mm2 + 1 x 0.5 mm2

Wiring standards and regulations

prEN 50620 / DIN EN 50620

Wiring class Class 5

External cable diameter

12.8 mm ±0.4 mm

Type of conductor


Coil diameter

60 mm ±10 %

Block length

0.63 m ±10 %

Effective length

max. 4 m ±5 %