PRESS RELEASE: Let’s not all line up at the ‘gas station’ at the same time.

It’s 6pm and you realise that you need to fill the car up for the drive to work tomorrow. So, you head down to your local gas station and surprisingly there are a large number of the people in your neighborhood lining up as well. Over the next few months the number of people fueling up at 6pm continues to slowly increase. The gas station owner sees the opportunity and builds a bigger station with more pumps to cope with this 6pm peak in demand for fuel. His problem though is that outside of this peak at 6pm, there is less demand across the rest of the day. So, to get back his investment he needs to put up the cost of fuel for everyone.

Now this is a very simplistic perspective of what happens when ‘peak demand’ is significantly higher than normal consumption throughout the day, but this is a potential future for NZ in the medium term. If all passenger cars were electric and everyone plugged in when they got home we would see a 35% jump in peak electricity demand. And to get back the investment required in reinforcing the electricity grid, one scenario is that everyone would pay more for electricity. In the short term, slow charging is definitely an option. It’s just an option that will create challenges as the number of EV’s on NZ roads grows. Because even with the ability to set a timer on when to charge, larger car batteries simply mean you run out of hours in the evening to fill up your car.

But there is a better way. Chargemaster Limited is bringing intelligent, high capacity AC charging to the NZ market now. Their range of 22kW AC chargers mean you can fill your car in a shorter timeframe (dependent on the on-board car charger), enabling you fast AC charging well outside peak hours (when you are cooking dinner/heating/lighting your home at night and in the morning). And by charging outside of these peak times, the need for future electricity network investments is reduced, meaning lower electricity costs for all. And that’s a good thing for NZ.

 In the recent whitepaper by Drive Electric “Peak Pressure: what challenges do electric vehicles pose to New Zealand’s electricity grid?”, rapid growth in large capacity EV chargers creates a potential challenge to network companies. To ensure their products are future proof, Chargemaster’s top of the line chargers have communications capabilities that could enable their chargers (with the right cash incentives to customers) to be remotely controlled by network companies invisibly, just like hot water systems. And the chargers can operate as a slow or fast charger to reduce peak electricity costs in the home, or on a commercial site. Because as an EV driver the main goal you want is a full car when you jump in. How it is charged while you sleep is, for the most part, irrelevant.

If you want a home, work or public charger that is intelligent and future proofed for the medium term, check out


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Nigel Broomhall

CEO Chargemaster

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