Chargemaster: Your LEVCF Charging Infrastructure Partner

At Chargemaster our mission is to make charging your electric vehicle as efficient, low-cost, intelligent, and set-and-forget as possible. We seek out the highest quality intelligent charging solutions for EV’s and bring these to New Zealand. We exist to provide customers with the most intelligent, most efficient charging solutions to meet their driving needs while reducing the impact on their wallets, the local electricity grid, and the wider NZ environment.

The vision we have for the NZ market is simple, by 2021 80% of the electric vehicles on NZ roads are consistently charged by intelligent chargers. Chargers that can operate automatically to network signals. Chargers that co-exist within the network as intelligent endpoints, providing customers with energy to move, while balancing the needs of all electricity network users.

Our offering to the NZ market contains 3 critical components:

  1. Intelligent chargers. Charging infrastructure that can be designed to provide customers with the lowest cost, optimal fuelling outcome.
  2. A payment and monitoring platform. A software platform that monitors the health of all chargers connected to it, can dial chargers up or down or disconnect them for short periods and provides the ability for public chargers to charge for energy used.
  3. The accessories required to utilise as much of the charging infrastructure network as possible. Cables, posts, signage, and bags.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Europe, predominately Austria and Germany. We focus on VDE certified equipment, one of the highest manufacturers certifications available, and ensure all equipment meets both IEC and local standards. We also work closely with Worksafe to ensure all our products are approved for use in NZ.

And to top it off we hold $20m in local insurance cover, alongside the standard manufacturer's warranties. 

For the focus of this round of the funding, Round 3 is looking for projects that:

  • Support the development of the electric vehicle charging network by filling key gaps in the network.

  • Facilitate the scale up of EV technology, especially in vehicle fleets.

  • Enable the demonstration and uptake of light and heavy EVs and associated technologies in sectors of the economy where EVs remain relatively unproven.

Ideas for the current LEVCF round could include:

  • charger pods (one of our master x-series mated to 4-5 slave c-series) deployed on the same power line which load manage on-site (public or commercial) in key gaps in charging infrastructure in your areas. These would be 22kW 32amp three phase units. A key consideration is security and protection from the elements i.e. adequate lighting and security cameras.
  • fleet/home demonstrations, where the energy used in-home is automatically reconciled with the business account like a fuel card using RFID enabled chargers connected to the cloud. This would encourage more fleet take-up and EDB's could monitor and control consumption. 
  • shared heavy vehicle charging. Chargemaster has the sole agency for Heliox, a Dutch-based heavy vehicle opportunity charging system (bus/mining/port vehicles) so could demonstrate at local ports, or with bus companies. Or a mixed-use model of bus+waste trucks for example.

We are ready to work with you today and can provide you the spectrum of Worksafe approved, intelligent charging infrastructure to take innovation to market. We will work with you to design a project, outline the technologies, and provide financial incentives.

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