Buying an EV

The Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund (LEVCF) is administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), and offers up to $7 million each year to co-fund projects with private and public sector partners in areas where commercial returns aren’t yet strong enough to justify full private investment.

The objective of the Fund is to drive innovation and uptake of low-emission vehicles, and includes increasing New Zealand’s charging network.

Chargemaster has worked on a number of successful EV charging projects under the Fund, and has experience developing successful applications. Find out more:

Buying an EV is a move in the right direction for sustainability and also running costs for owners. They are more efficient, don’t pollute the air with poison and will reduce our CO2 emissions in New Zealand. Our country is highly efficient at producing electricity sustainably and by the middle of this century it is forecast that over 50% of the Kiwi vehicle fleet will be electric.

Driving EV also means charging EV.

To find out about buying and charging EV, click onto the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority. They have produced a huge amount of information for you to school yourself up on about the things we care about. Safety & Speed of Charge.