We've worked diligently to become one of New Zealand's market leader's in electric vehicle charging. Trusted and accountable, we aim to offer the best quality products with an end-to-end service. 

Chargemaster make charging simple and easy, so that you can enjoy the benefits of your electric vehicle. We offer a wide range of commercial and resident charging stations, that are compatible with New Zealand electric vehicle standards. 

We will help make the electric vehicle experience a memorable one, by taking away any doubts in answering all charging questions. In providing the best technologies on the market, we are consistently focused on the needs of the user; and thereby want to provide the best products available.

Chargemaster contributes to a sustainable future in everything in which we do. Our ethics are integrated within our core values and we will always take the most authentic approach to conducting business in a transparent way. 

In contrast to what we achieve, we believe that ways in which we do business are more important. With our environmental efforts to create sustainable business practices, with every charging unit sold, our focus is on funding the plantation of native trees throughout New Zealand.

Less pollution is the best solution.