4m Red, Straight, Type 2 - Type 2 Charging Cable, 5kW



Product Description

Mobile AC charging cable with vehicle connector and infrastructure plug, with protective cap, Type 2, IEC 62196-2, 20 A / 250 V (AC), design line D-Line, cable: 4 m, red, straight, connection profile: gray, handle area: gray

Technical Description

Number of phases 1
Charging power 5 kW
Number of phases 1
Rated current for power contacts 20 A
Rated voltage for power contacts 250 V AC
Rated current for signal contacts 2 A
Rated voltage for signal contacts 30 V AC
Type of signal transmission Pulse width modulation
Number of power contacts 3 (L1, N, PE)
Number of signal contacts 2 (CP, PP)
Connection method Crimp connection, cannot be separated
Contact surface material Ag
Resistor coding 680 Ω (between PE and PP)
Insertion force < 100 N
Withdrawal force < 100 N
Insertion/withdrawal cycles > 10000
Ambient temperature (operation) -30 °C ... 50 °C (Operation)
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 80 °C (Storage)
Altitude difference for area of application 5000 m (above sea level)
Degree of protection IP44 (plugged in)
IP44 (Protective cap)
Label 14.1 mm x 44.8 mm (customer logo possible)

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