Bosch Announced As Charging Solutions Provider For Chargemaster

September 03, 2019

Bosch Announced As Charging Solutions Provider For Chargemaster

Chargemaster is a leading advocate of green initiatives throughout New Zealand. When it comes to EV charging, and other EV components, we have the vision of improving energy efficiency across homes and businesses nationwide through renewable and sustainable alternatives. 

Through innovation and creative thinking, we aim to lower the costs involved with purchasing electric car charging units, with the intention of helping in New Zealand’s ambitious green energy goals. 

Chargemaster delivers a broad range of intelligent electrical vehicle (EV) charging systems, having just recently teamed up with BOSCH to bring out various charging systems, so that we can help the nation’s EV owners maximise their investment with the ability to charge at home. 

Having partnered with BOSCH, the charging solutions in which we are introducing to the market are fast, reliable, and 100% clean. Chargemaster believe that EV charging solutions don’t have to be complicated.

BOSCH Automotive Service Solutions provide commercial and residential Level 2 charging equipment, as well as low-power Level 3 solutions primarily for fleet and auto dealer use. The reputable brand were selected as the charging and installation services partner for the 2015 Kia Soul EV, debuted at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. 

BOSCH’s Level 2 chargers are non-networked while the Level 3 is (Open Charge Point Protocol) network capable. BOSCH, being a world renown brand, answer all the questions by addressing charging solutions at home, work, and on the road.

Dependant on the charging station, an app and an RFID card allow you to find and use all the types of charging stations. BOSCH’s EV charging networks consists of 40,000 charging points throughout Europe currently, we are hoping to replicate a charging network on a scale that’s suitable for the New Zealand market. 

Chargemaster is an independently operated business, created by the founders of Partmaster Automotive. The directors of the electric vehicle charging company, are Filip and Steve Covic. They have been involved within the automotive industry for the past 40 years. Partmaster, is the largest Kiwi owned automotive parts supplier in the country, specialising in aftermarket car parts servicing for the New Zealand auto-trade market. They have many close relationships with aftermarket brands, and this portfolio continues to grow yearly as they perpetually rise to the occasion in fostering new relations through innovation and implementation. The pair have continued to embrace new initiative, having started Chargemaster. The EV charging market is expected to witness significant growth in the future, with the Asian Pacific market at the forefront. As electric cars are an expensive investment for most of people. Chargemaster knows that within the auto industry prices will eventually have to come down as the electric phenomena catch on. We envision a not to distance future, for where we can provide affordable home charging solutions, that are hassle free and forward thinking in their performance.